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Free software that generates PC games for free using cryptocurrency mining

Game Creation Software - Make Your Own Games For Free

Evolution of game giveaways
Idle software designed to run in a background on your computer
When you are not playing or using demanding tasks, the software will use your GPU to generate games using different algorithms all in a background without annoying you.
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Make Your Own Games For Free

Games for everyone

Our service is astonishingly thin and light.

You are casually doing things on your computer, be it playing computer games or browsing the internet, and then suddenly once in a while you get a sweet email that says that you just got a new game that you wanted but just could not afford.

365 days in a year and 3-100 games per day given to the community, with your bad luck and your computer you could have five new games each year or much more depending on your computer.

Content Creators

Your game can have a deserved visibility.

While our service is automated and generates games to our community, we do have a special exception for the game developers too. Once in a while alongside our main giveaway that runs every day, we will create a special promotion for your game in exchange for three game keys. Users that allow popups will get a banner that will redirect them to your games store page. Users that visit your store page will then be eligible for a giveaway of your game.

For a regular user of our service, this means more chances to get new games for free and for the developer it means more visibility. Everyone wins!

Free Steam Games Online
We want to be clear that in giveaways luck and your computer plays a big part and there is a possibility that you won't see games delivered to your email as much as you expected, so be patient.

The software is constantly evolving and adapting to the community size to meet the expectations and demand of the people. We don't want to delude anyone with the fairytale fantasies, but it's in our best interest that a loyal user with a decent computer on the platform will get a game once in awhile, so be realistic.